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This convienent mixed package includes two necklaces, two pairs of earrings and six stylish stretchy bracelets features 8mm gemstone and wood beads and a 12mm Science of Mind Teaching Symbol Charm.

Mixed Sampler Package of Science of Mind Jewelry

SKU: 5002
  • Get the jewelry you want and SAVE BIG at the same time! Whether you are filling a Centers for Spiritual Living Bookstore with gorgeous goodies or you are a good friend wanting to make sure that you always have the perfect birthday gift on hand, our Mixed Sampler Package of Science of Mind Jewelry is for you!

    This convienent mixed package includes two necklaces, two pairs of earrings, six stylish beaded stretchy bracelets, each featuring  a 12mm Science of Mind Teaching Symbol Charm. Each Mixed Sampler Package contains a unique selection from our 64 different gemstone and wood bead options, and will include one small, two medium, two large and 1 x-large bracelet. There are both gold and silver charms represented in each mix. Design substitutions are not available with our Mixed Package. 

    Our Mixed Sample Package is priced 30% lower than ten individual bracelets, and is therefore ineligible for additional discounts unless the order total exceeds $600.00.


    Our 12mm charm features the Science of Mind Teaching Symbol as designed by Ernest Holmes.  (The Science of Mind Teaching Symbol is trademarked and  licensed through Centers for Spiritual Living.)


    Due to the use of organic material, it is natural to have slight variations in the color and size of the beads used in this bracelet.


    Stretchy Bracelet Care Instructions: At we use the very finest stringing materials. Even so, stretchy cord lasts best when treated with a bit of care. Please avoid storing your stretch bracelets in direct sunlight or in very hot or dry environments. Chemicals (like in swimming pool water or sunscreen) can cause stretch cord to break down prematurely, so please avoid swimming in your bracelet.

  • If you don't love your product, please contact us right away to arrange for a return and refund. We are all about positive vibes and supporting your spiritual lifestyle, so we do our best to meet your needs with ease and grace. (Please note: We do not replace or repair stretchy bracelets after 90 days.)

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