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All purchases over $50.00 are eligible for free shipping to anywhere in the United States. Shipping for other countries will not be eligible for free shipping.  Items ship within 7 days of purchase unless otherwise indicated.  Rush shipping is not currently available. (If absolutely necessary, email me your precise needs via the Contact page, and I'll let you know if it is possible.)

Return Policy

If you don't love your product, please contact us right away to arrange for a return and refund. We are all about positive vibes and supporting your spiritual lifestyle, so we do our best to meet your needs with ease and grace. (Please note: We do not replace or repair stretchy bracelets after 90 days.)


Centers for Spiritual Living communities are authorized to purchase our items with the intention to resell them (i.e. through a community bookstore). To help support this process, we offer volume discounts for large purchases. See email me before you order at and let me know which Center for Spiritual Living you are representing. I will send you a discount code to include in your order.

$200+ = 20% discount

$400+ = 30% discount

$600+ = 40% discount

When your Center reaches a cumulative purchase total of $2,000, you will be eligible for a permanent 40% discount (some items may be exempt from this offer).

We do not offer general wholesale purchasing. Our licensing of the trademarked Science of Mind teaching symbol through Centers for Spiritual Living precludes traditional wholesale commerce or reselling outside of CSL communities.


For stretchy bracelet sizing, measure the diameter of your wrist and round up to the next available size. We offer small (6.5 in), medium (7 in), large (7.5 in) and x-large (8 in). If your wrist size is very close to one of our sizes and you like to wear your bracelets loose, go up one size.

Necklace chains are available in two lengths: 45 cm (17.5 in) and 50 cm (19.5 in).

Custom Orders is not a custom jewelry company. Due to the nature of our materials and our manufacturing process, we cannot always accommodate special requests. Email us using the form on our Contact page and tell us all about your special request. We will let you know if it is possible.


Do you have rose gold/larger/etc. Science of Mind charms?

Due to manufacturing costs, we are currently only offering the Science of Mind symbol charms you see on the web site (12 mm in gold tone and silver tone). However, we strongly encourage you to go to our "Contact" page and let us know what you'd like to see in the future. We will definitely take that feedback into account as we grow.

Why don’t you have sandalwood, rosewood, or ebony beads available?

Will they be available in the future? No. At, we are committed to being a positive force for good in the world. Part of this commitment includes choosing not to design with materials that are endangered or that are harvested through slash-and-burn deforestation techniques. We’ve worked hard to source eco-friendly, sustainable wood beads, and we feel good about this choice.

Additionally, you may notice that we have no coral, pearl, shell or leather products.  All products are vegan.

What’s with the little paper envelopes?

At, we are committed to reducing the proliferation of single-use plastics. If you’ve ever bought jewelry or gift items before, you know that each item generally comes in a small plastic bag. Often, those smaller bags are then placed in a larger plastic bag, then wrapped in bubble wrap. Over thousands of individual purchases, this creates a serious negative impact on our already stressed environment. We decided to do it differently. Each of our jewelry items comes packaged in a handmade origami-style decorative paper envelope that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We eschew the use of bubble wrap and padded envelopes (even when it would be less expensive for us) in favor of small, recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping. We ask that you join us in the commitment by reusing and/or recycling these materials. The little envelopes are especially adorable in gifts! Do you want to know how we make them? Check out Pinterest for lots and lots of great tutorials. That’s how we learned!

What is Science of Mind?

Science of Mind (also known as Religious Science) is the philosophy based on the writings and teachings of Ernest Holmes. His goal was to study the great thinkers of all time and to find the golden thread of truth that connects them all.  Science of Mind teaches that God (Spirit/Infinite Intelligence/etc.) is found within and that our thoughts become things. It emphasizes spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, visioning and contemplation. Centers for Spiritual Living is the parent organization for many individual spiritual centers that teach Science of Mind and spiritual living. The Science of Mind teaching symbol (the V in circle symbol) is a trademarked symbol and must be licensed for commercial use through Centers for Spiritual Living.

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