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Each Jewelry Treasure Grab Bag has a unique collection of jewelry, worth between $200-$250 or even more! This is overflow stock from a twenty-year jewelry career filled with joy combined with brand new pieces I'm making just for the love of creating. Take a chance and get more than you could ever imagine!

Jewelry Treasure Grab Bag

SKU: 999999
  • Have you ever dreamed of finding a treasure chest? This is your chance! Each of my carefully and lovingly curated grab bags contains at least six special pieces of jewelry from my personal collection. Featuring fine materials like beaded gemstones, high-quality metals (sterling silver, gold-filled, gold plated, antique brass, etc.), Swarovski crystals and art glass, these pretties will be sure to make your day.

    Each grab bag has at least one necklace, one bracelet and one pair of earrings. Choose your collection based on bracelet size (small: 6.5 inch bracelets, medium: 7 inch bracelets, large: 7.5 inch bracelets). After all, earrings always fit! Keep the ones you love, give the rest away as gifts. What could be more sustainable and fun?!

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