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This 22 inch 70 bead prayer mala highlights a 20mm silver tone charm featuring the Science of Mind Teaching Symbol, perfect for affirmations and Releasing Prayers.

70 Bead Science of Mind Mala in Turquoise Howlite

  • Gorgeous, classic and useful, this matte black onyx beaded mala necklace features 70 beads and is anchored by a 20 mm silver tone charm featuring the Science of Mind Teaching Symbol as designed by Ernest Holmes. Perfect for wearing, our 70 bead malas are perfect for practicing affirmations, mantras and Releasing Prayers as taught by  All metal pieces are silver plated, and our 22 inch mala has a trigger clasp. Due to the use of organic material, it is natural to have slight variations in the color and size of the beads used in this mala.  (The Science of Mind Teaching Symbol is licensed through Centers for Spiritual Living.)

  • If you don't love your product, please contact us right away to arrange for a return and refund. We are all about positive vibes and supporting your spiritual lifestyle, so we do our best to meet your needs with ease and grace.

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